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    This thread is about games made by Alphapolygon (
    You can send questions, problems etc to this thread and I'll try to aswer asap.

    Thanx to everyone who has played Putki, Chained, Droplehop,Panda Blast or Pixelated.

    About Alphapolygon : Alphapolygon is one man with a head full of ideas and a goal to make games for everyone. Let's keep it simple and fun!
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    just wanted to inform you all that :

    Panda Blast v1.0.3 and Chained v1.1.0 should be online soon (now).

    New in Panda Blast v1.0.3 :
    *bug fixes, *better chat

    New in Chained v1.1.0 :
    *bug fixes, *better controls

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