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    Does anyone else that bought the full version of Wallpaper Switcharoo (version 1.5) and have problems with it sticking with the same wallpaper for days until an uninstall/reinstall occurs?

    Just curious, I saw another thread like this but they were talking about older versions and it didn't really get anywhere.

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    I have Wallpaper Switcharoo version 1.5 and have noticed that I need to restart it every day because I also use Reboot Scheduler that reboots my Palm Pre Plus every night. To restart Wallpaper Switcharoo I simply open the app and press the Switch Now button.
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    When my Wallpaper Switcharoo stops working, the program won't even boot... it just sits at the "Orbsix" loading screen forever...

    Good to have your input though. Thanks
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    I've been using version 1.5 for about a month now and haven't had any issues with it at all so far. And I've never had to restart the app after a reboot.

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