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    The only reason I'm posting this is because I don't see a thread that has this.
    and coming from a blackberry, crackberry had TONS of threads about the top games.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    I like my old school games, SuperNES is probably my top played just for the main versitality reason, easy to switch around between games.
    As far as other 3D type games...Tom Clancy HAWX is a good one, except for the nausea part...can only play that game in short bursts. Asphalt5 not too bad...really good version of Monopoly...TileStorm if I want to twist my brain into a knot, some of those ones are tricky.
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    ya those are good games, and by the way nice signature
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    I just got addicted to sparkle..
    But Angry Birds is GREAT!!!
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    awe yeah! i love angry birds, i was on stage 1 theme 3 level 21 and i had to erase my phone because my computer wouldnt detect it
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    Chained right now.
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