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    I've already seen three different drum machines/sequencers
    the songwave and beat box ones, there's another one i don't remember

    but non of them are available for pixi
    I've been waiting patient hoping they would port it for pixis but no
    So I'm hoping someone will notice this.

    I would like to request a sequencer i could use for pixi, i love drum/beat sequencers, and it would be very useful for me when i want some beats to play guitar to
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    Hi, I am Codeslaw and I wrote Songwave.

    The reason why it isn't available on the Pixi yet is due to a bug in the PDK that has to do with drawing to the screen without using OpenGL. In short, it doesn't work. Once this bug is resolved, Songwave will work as-is on the Pixi.

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