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    I know that not everyone can use the SR71 Blackbird Kernel - those who cannot can find solace in the F-104 running at 1.1 GHz. But all the forums for the SR-71 seem to be dominated by the folks whose Pre has trouble with it. That's fine. They need place to address those issues. But I want to offer big kudos to Marco for SR-71 and to hear from people for whom SR-71 is working well. For me, at first with the SR-71 my Pre was sometimes slowing now and then, but since the last update my Pre is flying like greased lightning. Everything is incredibly fast and smooth, no glitches at all, no problems with any software, very good battery life. I am so loving this.

    If you are having a GOOD experience with SR-71 Blackbird, let's hear from you and show some love to Marco for what he has done.

    Marco, for those of us flying on the Blackbird, are there any plans to try for faster for those of us whose chips can handle it?

    Either way... we all thank you!

    If you are among those enjoying SR-71 Post Your Thanks Here
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    I have the thundercheif kernel.. I noticed after the update its much faster! So I can't even imagine what the Sr71 kernel is like. I tried installing it once, and I had rebooting problems. I think I'm gonna give it another try tho.
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    I have had no issues with SR71 at all. Loving it tremendously.

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