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    Please take a moment, download my apps (100% free with NO ad support), give them a try, and let me know what you think via email or post... especially now that you ATT/Verizon customers will soon get to play with the PDK/OpenGL apps. I have developed these in my spare time, so I understand they are not the hottest things on the app store, but your feedback will be very helpful.

    Also, if you are important 'round these parts, please consider featuring an app or two.

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    No way! I had no idea someone had made Catan for webOS. 3D even. Fantastic news, thanks for doing this.
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    It's not perfect, but it's not too bad. Get it while you can, because Catan LLC made me remove it from the app store. I assume I'd be ok here, since I'm giving it away for free.

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    Wow, that's harsh. Since you didn't use the brand and make no money off it, it's a real **** move by Catan LLC. There'd been enough time for that once a licensed WebOS version had been released.
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    They were going to be selling their own app on the app store for $4.99, so that wouldn't work too well for them going against a free app. Either way, it wasn't worth the risk of litigation (no matter how irrational).
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    Just checked these out, nice stuff!
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    Since you got a cease and desist from Catan LLC, is there any chance of development still being continued? Love the game, but last version seems to have introduced a few bugs. Would be a shame to have this being the final version.
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