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    Hey everyone:

    I'm happy to announce that my (free) app, True Tempo, just hit the App Catalog today! It's a simple metronome, with configurable beats per measure, but it stands out from the rest because it has millisecond-accurate BPM due to the use of the PDK.

    It's very self explanatory, except for the tempo dial change...all you need to do is drag up or down anywhere on the screen to change it...the next release will build in circular drag movement.

    So, check it out, and let me know what you think...this is one of my first apps, and I had to use the full screen PDK to build it (as Palm won't accept hybrid apps yet), so I'd love to hear some feedback.

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    Link to it?
    http://<font color="Navy">Poll: Requ...r webOS</font>

    Coming soon-Calm Alarm
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    Palm Pimp.
    Comes with 2 free Pixis.

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