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    lets get to work
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    I really understand what you guys are trying to get accomplished here. But I'd really like to caution "bombarding" some developers. You see back when I was writing PalmOS software in my spare time (which is the position a lot of "indy" developers are in) I got a lot of requests to port some of my software to other platforms. Initially I had every plan to do so. The problem is a lot of us are really setup to develop for one platform and going to another can take a lot of time and learning. When people come at you and say basically "you're stupid for not porting this to iPhone" or "PalmOS is dead, why are you wasting your time." It can get discouraging and honestly can make a dev *not* want to write for a cetain platform (such was my case).

    All I'm saying is tread lightly. Open a friendly dialogue with a developer and maybe help guide them towards info on porting an app. Don't just team up and send nag after nag after nag via email. It may work on one or two devs, but it'll probably just irritate the rest and slow things down more.

    Anyhow, good luck in your quest. May it be a successful one!

    - Phil -
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    Posted this over in the Google Voice thread, was hoping to rally ASADA:

    Just had a thought. Lets support Sean Kovacs with his iOS app to show the WebOS support. He is posting that if his iOs app trends, he will give it for free on iOS.

    Sean Kovacs GV Mobile + Approved

    I'm proposing we tweet: "WebOS for #gvmobile" or or "WebOS supports #gvmobile" or "@palm WebOs supports #gvmobile" if you don't want to clog your twitter stream.
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    Hey Members,

    Here is another cause for you: Starbucks App.

    Vote here: Vote for Webos Starbucks app

    More details:
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