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    So far we've seen our friends win the "battle of the smartest phone" with all the latest, stupidest apps running on thier phone and not ours. We like the pre, not because its made with second shelf hardware or too small overall but, because it's the under dog of the bunch. As a result, we've all been branded. If we have to be socially handicapped in this way, we need to start to embrace it. Adversity is starring us right in the face owning this phone and we should all stand tall and be proud. Sure its a smart phone and it does do some smart things but, are we gonna let the pre legacy stop where all those phones that are only great for txting and msging does ?


    Post a Screen Shot from your phone of an Epic Fail the next time you find an app that wont run on our phone. Press Org, Sym, then P to capture and post it in this thread so everyone can admire it for all its beauty.

    post a link to a good rant thread. The last thing we need is another ranting thread. I like this phone.
    If it would just catch fire we could roast weiners on it !
    Official Adobe Flash Anticipation Thread by flea.

    What Would YOU Like to See in webOS 1.5? by animemom.

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    Which way to the java script for dummies thread ?
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    Which way to the java script for dummies thread ?

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