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    I just had my first app released to the App Catalog this afternoon and wanted to let everyone know about it. Its my first app, so I'm pretty excited.

    It is a drum kit app called "AudioScape" that is a hybrid drum kit player, soundboard, piano, etc. It comes with 10 different sound banks Here's a few of 'em: acoustic drums, electronic drums, piano, guitar, bongos, congas, body noises (belches anyone?), and animal noises. It also supports custom sound banks. Just create a directory on the phone's USB drive, throw some .wav files in it, and presto! The app will read these files and use them as a new custom bank (see the app's full description for details).

    It also can play up to 4 sounds simultaneously. So, you can play some nice chords with the piano. And, it is fun to layer the sound effects on top of each other. My favorite is playing the air raid siren, the police siren, and the gunshots all at the same time. An instant mini-crisis!

    Search the catalog for "AudioScape" to find it. Or browse to the free apps at "Music->Instruments".

    Thanks for reading my shameless self promotion and thanks for a great community! The podcasts, forums (thanks tons, testers!), and webOS news have been invaluable to a beginning developer!
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    Downloading now! sounds awesome!!!
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    Good job I like it, my kids will dig it too and not let me have my phone back.
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    The sounds on this thing are great! If it's possible to make it more responsive—for instance so you could drum along with someone in real time—this could be amazing.

    And of course the interface is the one area where you have lots of opportunity to make the app shine, with different layouts and graphics that provide good visual cues to what each "instrument" does.
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    bro. I just downloaded your app and it's pretty thing though, remember you can't have any kind of delay if you have any type of musical's pretty annoying to hit the bongos and then listen to the sound a 1/2 second later...other than that, pretty cool concept.
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    Thanks for the feedback, all.

    And, yes, there is a bit of latency in the audio (pause between tapping screen and hearing audio). I'm a basement-musician, so having this delay bugs me. There are some limitations in the Pre/Pixi hardware that make it very difficult to get musical-quality response times. I had to put in a good bit of effort, research, and experimentation to get it to where it is currently. But, I am still looking into what else I can do to improve this. If any other dev's have some tips on how to decrease latency, send 'em along!

    Oh, and my 4 year old also likes it. He is always asking, "Daddy, can I have your drum kit? pleeeeaaazzze?!?" Makes a daddy proud...

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