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    Hey guys,

    I'm happy to announce that Plasma Cannon, which was first released as a beta app called "name me beta" is finally in that app catalog. I wanted to thank all of the precentral users that supported the beta a few weeks ago with great name suggestions and feedback.

    Plasma Cannon on the catalog: Plasma Cannon
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    I got it as soon as I saw it.
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    Love this game!
    I love my Pre :P

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    Just in case you haven't seen it on twitter or MobiObie there is an easter egg in Plasma Cannon that hasn't been found yet. The first person to find it and tweets the easter egg to me at @robmerrell gets a $25 Amazon gift card.

    Look at the readme file packaged with Plasma Cannon on your pre for a clue.

    - Rob
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    OK, I love this game, but I need a little help. I can't figure out level 31 (Basket).
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    Can someone please explain level 11? I bump the middle green part as hard as I can and it kind of nudges the ball, but it never moves.. I know I'm missing something obvious.. Hint?
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    Can I HaZ MoR lEvElS!!!1!1!1!1!111!!!!
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    Jeffrok, you have to shoot it twice. The first time gets it swinging. The second time, shoot it as it is swinging away from you. That will cause it to knock the ball off the platform. Then you can shoot the ball.

    I'm still looking for help with level 31 (Basket). Anyone?
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    Hey cshrader...for 31 you have to get the big ball over the wall to your right first. I got the ball on top of the cannon and starting shooting right below and to the left of the big ball. It started to bounce a bit and then i shot like 100 times at the bottom of the big ball until it lifted over the wall and fell to the right. Then your shots will go through that little slot. Took me a bit though, good luck. Great fun game!!!!
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    Thanks joker! I've been stuck on that level for months.
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    I really love this game! I have beaten it a few times over! I am dying for some new levels!!

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    hey can you update the game to have more levels, i beat it in 10 minutes
    very addicting though, just needs more levels
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    Beat the "Crash" level. Definitely stuck on the "Slice" level. Any help?
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    Awesome game!
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    thread necromancy 4tw

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