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    I know ldrolez mentioned in his thread, that he could* write a server app, but I was wondering if anyone has heard any news about such a webos application. I would easily pay for a server app if I was able to remotely control my phone via my pc. I also know there is already an android version.
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    Too bad luna isn't just a custom X server. X11 forwarding over ssh would be much nicer than VNC. Imagine each card being its own seamless app on your computer's desktop. I think the problem is that the whole webos UI is just within an application, vs. being a true windowing environment.
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    This thread contains lots of info about X11 on the Pre:

    Don't ask me about details - i didn't read it because i'm not interested in X11 on a Phone.

    Once X11 runs it should be fairly simple to code a VNC server (xvnc as easiest solution comes to mind). The folks over at the X11 thread should know more about it.

    Forwarding the LUNA GUI over a VNC connection is a totally different story, though. Can't say how much work this is, but i expect that it isn't easy at all...
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    Luna apps don't run on X11, so that wouldn't solve the problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by knobbysideup View Post
    Luna apps don't run on X11, so that wouldn't solve the problem.
    Yes, that's what i meant in my last sentence. Sorry if it wasn't clear.

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