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    As I live in Belgium I'm a big fan of the dummy app workaround to get apps which are not available via Preware, however I sometimes have trouble figuring out what to enter as the Vendor field in my dummy app's appinfo.json.

    Could anyone tell me what the Vendor is for this app? I'd love to give it a try...
    (I assume the Title is simply "Trapster" - please correct me if I'm wrong)

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    Are the feeds blocked even for Preware? If not, you can pull it from the "maintainers" field there. In this case, it's listed as ", Inc."
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    I couldn't find it in Preware - apparently that was due to either my feeds being out of date, or because of a few feeds being disabled. Whoops

    Preware is great for finding ID's and vendors (and for installing apps which do not require a detour via the app catalog). Unfortunately, if an app in preware makes me go via the app catalog, it's a no-go - all I get to see then is that "This application is not available for your carrier" message I've come to dread :-)

    Anyway, problem solved, thank you very much!

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