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    I looked far and wide, but couldn't find a thread that directly compares these two.

    I know a lot of people will say: "Competition is good", and reject the idea of comparing the apps. Agreed, competition is good, and I don't think anyone can say definitively that one is better than the other, but I'm looking for people who have played with both to state some sort of pros/cons of Nan V. Remix2.0

    Also, thanks to both developers as they are both huge upgrades over the stock audio player.

    Also, if there is another audioplayer app that should be added to the mix, let me know.
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    Since NANplayer is in private beta with NDAs in place, I doubt anyone will be able to compare the two in the way you're suggesting.

    This sort of thing will probably have to wait until both apps are in public release.
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    You might be right, and I'm glad I didn't put forth my own impressions yet.

    But isn't the NANPlayer's thread open to the public? Maybe I should contact Blubble to make sure it is okay to do this...
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    Yeah, the thread is open, but all discussion of beta features is to be done at the beta forum, which is private.

    I know he said he didn't mind if we shared screenshots, but honestly, I kind of forgot what the NDA said tbh (I did read it!!!) and decided not to download or comment on MPR because of it.
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    The current forum thread here on Precentral only discusses those features that the Developer has released publicly.
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    its probably unfair to compare all the features of one app to some features of another. I guess we will have to wait for a public release....

    Anyone know how to close a thread? does a moderator have to do it?
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    Great idea. I would like to discuss the differences between Nanplayer and Remix. I have used both. Nanplayer is my current choice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by swieder View Post
    Great idea. I would like to discuss the differences between Nanplayer and Remix. I have used both. Nanplayer is my current choice.
    Careful sweider you are under an NDA. SO can't simply discuss functionality available in Nanplayer.
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    yeah, I really regret creating this tread. Please do not post anything containing descriptions of NanPlayers features which are not public.
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    Please do not include NaNplayer in this comparison. As was mentioned, it is currently in a closed beta and all the testers are bound by NDA. Once it is publicly released, I would be happy for you to post a comparison thread. I do appreciate the support but there are many reasons I can't participate at this time.

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    I can only speak to Music Player (Remix)... People are free to discuss the app here on PreCentral or on any other forum or website. So come on by the homebrew thread and join in on the ongoing discussions and share your feedback/ideas/suggestions/comments.

    In regards to this thread, since one of the apps being compared is under closed development and beta testers are under an NDA, this thread should probably be locked. Once both apps are publicly available, a new thread can be opened at that time if so desired. By then there may be other apps to consider such as Amigo and RealMayo's upcoming File/Folder browsing app.
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    I cant wait. I'm trying my best not to buy a new Zune or iPod.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shobiz View Post
    I cant wait. I'm trying my best not to buy a new Zune or iPod.
    Since Music Player (Remix) 2.0 is doing an open beta, it's the best game in town if you want something now, and I personally think it's already overtaken the software features of those devices.

    There. A nice one-sided comparison in keeping with the thread.

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