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    I thought so; that's what I've had on, but it doesn't seem to be sending notifications when the app card is closed... I'll play around with it some more and investigate!
    Send a tweet to @germboy to see if he can help you out. I have Bad Kitty set to background notifications every 20 minutes for timeline/mentions/dms and it even persists between reboots. Often by the time my Pre is finished booting, there's a Bad Kitty notification waiting for me.

    Quote Originally Posted by mamouton View Post
    How do you see who you are following in Bad Kitty?
    Go to your overview screen and move the screen over to the left, the last option after list is "friends" (aka, who you are following). Click this screen will bring up a list of who you are following. Also on the friends screen, if you click followers, it will switch to show your followers.

    You can also get to this screen for other users (and yourself) by tapping on "followers" or "following" on their user profile.

    On another note, I am doing a Twitter apps guide/review of sorts for five different twitter apps and will post it on the forums when I'm done, hopefully this will help people with feature finding and deciding which Twitter app is right for them.
    PSN Twitter Last.FM
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    thanks malpha. Currently have three different ones installed to see which one works for me.
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    Thank you so much. I have been racking my brain on how to see my twets for awhile!
    Quote Originally Posted by malpha View Post
    yes, this is another thing they could improve on, having easy access to your own profile, but in the meantime, you can do it.

    Start typing your username, so for me, i will type @screwdestiny. This of course starts a new tweet, but instead of sending a tweet, you'll notice the bottom of the screen will say user profile. Click this, it will take you to your profile. At the bottom is an option for favorites, this will bring up your favorites (of course, this works with any other user, too).

    On the other hand, when i was using tweetme, i never knew what anyone was tweeting with because tweetme does not display this information in the main timeline - only on the single tweet view. While bad kitty does display this in the main timeline, and you can click on the client to see more info about this while tweetme may specify for webos, i know that most people on my timeline are actually using bad kitty, which is not something i would have noticed using tweetme, lol. With splatterings of tweed, twee2, adium, echofon, tweetdeck, you see them enough, you begin to realize which platform they're all on...
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    I have a stupid question, and it may just be too early in the morning for me, but how do you delete an account?

    I accidentally added one twice and can't find a way to remove it.

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    click into the accout>hit the + and edit account,> rrmove account

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