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    Sorry if this was posted in the wrong section, but is there a site that we can go to watch shows? My wife has the Netflix instant streaming app that lets her watch shows and movies and was wondering if there was a site that we can go to watch similar things like the Netflix app. I was at the airport for nearly 4hrs today and would've loved to catch up on some Dexter episodes. I remembered someone mentioning megaupload or megavideo but I was not able to view anything due to lack of flash. Thanks

    Also, is there a way I can open up Slacker without it asking me to log in? It happens randomly and is kinda annoying when i'm driving.
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    I don't think you can stream to the pre as of now.

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    only if there are sites that don't require flash and don't use DRM. I don't think there are any that are also legal.

    We are all hoping that Netflix and Hulu will develop apps for the Pre once flash and 2.x arrive on our phones.
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    While not the BEST option, you can always hit up some youtube videos of shows like Topgear, where fans post multiple videos of the same episode that you can peice together into one full episode, and use the preware patch that allows you to download youtube videos to your phone ('Video Downloads' and 'Edit Any Videos Metadata' are nice patchs to have for this option). Spend a night downloading a large amount of videos, and save them for a later time where you just need something to watch.

    I also have a few movies on my phone that I converted using handbreak. I know it isn't up to date streaming of new shows but when your desperate for entertainment we don't have many options on webOS ...yet?!? DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN

    or you can always stream ****... but you shouldn't be watching that in an Airport... or any public place.
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    You tube also has many full TV shows and movies available that you can stream. They are older, but still entertaining. I have found it works best to find them on the full site with the browser and when you go to stream the vid it opens the native app.

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