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    I think it's about if my beloved webos could be used to check the wifi situation in the neighbourhood. It would very usefull setting up new offices, etc. Really usefull.... Some thing like the one for android: - Market
    WebOS still makes sense.
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    As far as im awear, access to the wifi is unavailable at this time.

    However, for the homebrew community, somthing like this seems very plausible.

    Would love to have a sniffer app myself.
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    For Andriod there is a very nice app that I'd love to be ported to WebOS. Anyone interested to do it?
    The name is WiFi Analyzer, and since I can't post links I just post the specs:

    Find a less crowded channel for your router with WiFi Analyzer. Before using the app, make sure that you have WiFi enabled on your device. Then, choose from multiple views to see current network performances.

    * Channel Graph: Signal strength graphed vs. WiFi channels
    * Time Graph: Signal strength vs. time
    * Channel Rating: Channel performance capability
    * AP list: Information about in-range access points
    * Signal Meter: Signal strength for currently connected network only
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    Still waiting!
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    That would be nice

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    ditto , any new wifi apps ???
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    I was just going to post the same topic before seeing this one.

    There's tons of access points where I live, and finding the optimum channel would be nice.

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