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    Check out Chained:

    I'm in no way affiliated with the developers, I'm just infatuated with the game.

    Do you like Bubble Breaker / Jawbreaker / Generic "match three or more of the same color to pop" clone?
    Do you like Rubik's Cube?
    You will freaking love this.

    Basically it's Bubble Breaker in a fully rotatable 3D grid; you decide where to place the next block. But the entire Grid builds up from the center; if you sever a block's tie to the center, the block will pop. With a little practice and luck, you can explode the entire grid with a few well-placed blocks near the center cube.

    Keep in mind it's still in beta and sometimes a bit glitchy, but it runs stable and plays really well I think. If you check the reviews, it has only recently become playable haha

    OK back to playing it!
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    I downloaded this app to give it a shot, but upon loading I only get the small black cube in the middle, and no colored blocks appear. I can rotate the empty cube, but tapping the screen does nothing and "Next" and "Blocks" are also blank.
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    That's weird. What version do you have? I have 1.09 and it works flawlessly for me.
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    I have the same thing v.1.0.6 it will never update to 1.0.9, and am about to completely delete and redownload to see if it works now.
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