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    When my phone is not charging each time I press the power button to "wake" my phone I see the locked screen and need to drag to unlock. This locked screen shows me the time.

    However, when I am charging my phone I do not see a locked screen. This is annoying because my phone (not the screen) gets locked and so to check the time I need to first type in my PIN.

    Is there a way to get the screen to lock even when the phone is charging? Then at least checking the time is easy.

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    I use the "No Auto-Off While Charging" patch that keeps the phone awake while charging. If you turn off the phone or set it on the touchstone while off, you get the time displayed.
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    You could look into using Mode Switcher to control some of the settings related/similar to your situation (e.g. screen timeout, security/lock, etc...)

    For more information on Sconix's (@therealsconix/@modeswitcher) webOS collective work... visit here.

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