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    Just stumbled upon this in the web feeds:

    Developer is listed as Hejo, Inc. and the developer homepage is listed as PREWARE ICT

    When you go to that website it appears they are a security software company, although the website is not in English so I am not 100% certain. This appears to be another case of someone submitting a bogus app.
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    Interesting. We should notify webosinternalsz
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    this is why the beta/web feeds needs a vote/report/suspend button. After enough reports, it's taken offline until it's reviewed the next business day.
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    See here:

    Don't know what to make of it though...
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    Hmmm, Here's the red flags for me.....

    1. App title - Govnah5 but App ID - com.yourdomain.govnah3
    Which is it? 5 or 3? And whats up with the yourdomain?

    2. Why would they use the EXACT same icon as the original Govnah?

    3. Developers web page ( is written in Dutch but yet they say country is US and language is English. Wouldn't you think it would also be available in Dutch?

    4. The day the app premiers, it is ver 1.0.0?? What happened to beta releases?

    5. - There are only 2 comments posted. The first 1 is by the developer himself who says it works (go figure) and the second is by Rod (of WebOS Internals) stating that the app has nothing to do with them and is a fake.

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    It's fake.

    I've reported it to Palm and PreCentral.

    I expect it (and the scammer who submitted it) will be removed.

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    Here you go, it's history, or will be shortly:
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    is this a legit app? It's not the internals team as far as I can tell.
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    We'll leave this thread up to warn people until the app is gone.
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    That was close. I almost installed it thinking it was a newer version. Seemed suspicious though, and luckily I backed out. Is it malevolent or just a copied version?
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    Thank you Rod & webOS Internals for the quick response.
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    Nothing get pass forum members.

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