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    I have contacted the developer, Seed Labs, about possibly porting over the ACL App which is available for iOS and Android over to webOS. Currently I am waiting on a response. I'll keep ya'll posted. Anyone else want this app?
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    Count me in
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    I'm in. Not to overload developers, but an app for SXSW would be nice also
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    +1 alc +1 sxsw
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    I'm in!
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    A port within the month would be ideal! ACL is a little more than a month away. I have contacted the dev through e-mail and via-Facebook with no response as of yet. It has only been a day however, maybe something soon will come!
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    I would def be interested in an ACL app!
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    hoorah ACL app, very nice! I go every year, bad **** time, yall oughta come some time.

    +1 on sxsw also, man good times!
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    Hello all! Unfortunately, I have some bad news regarding our request for a webOS ACL app from Seed Labs.

    Thanks for your email. While using the PDK in theory can get you up and running pretty quickly, it really depends on whether the app you are trying to convert is written in a certain way. Apps that are games using standard libraries should port over pretty quickly, but our apps are data driven and really specific to the Apple and Android development languages. So we would essentially need to write it from scratch.

    Unfortunately a lot of our development is driven by the festival organizers and so far none of them have asked for webOS versions, we've done 15 events so far this year.

    Hopefully we'll be putting together a web-based version of the app to cover other platforms, but this year we won't have anything in place. But I will pass this along to C3 to let them know there is a need to cover beyond Android and iPhone. Thanks!

    Todd Rogers

    I received this e-mail this morning. Maybe next year webOS will have a dedicated ACL app. Good day all.

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