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    I sent them an email asking about your emails, and they just got back to me. They told me they are working on offline mode and prefetching for their next release, but they wouldn't tell me when they plan on releasing that update.

    Guess we'll just have to hang in there.
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    So an update for grooveshark is out now says in the app description that a $9 a month grooveshark anywhere subscription is required. Hopefully our $3 a month VIP accounts still work or I will cancel all together. How can they triple the subscription fees with no new service I missing something?

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    I canceled my subscription a while back because of the poor response time when queing up a song.

    I still pay for 2 VIP subscriptions for my kids. If I find out they raised the price to $9 bucks a month I won't hesitate to cancel.
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    I saw the update as well. Do we know what was changed? I have the VIP membership. I'm pretty sure we will be grandfathered in at the current $3 rate.
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    If you're on a $3/$30 plan, you're grandfathered in for future updates and features forever unless you allow your subscription to expire. So, if you haven't yet, you should set your subscription to recurring if you have a general idea that you will want to continue using the service. I'm not really sure what Grooveshark has in the pipeline regarding future services and agreements, but I do hope that the price increase will help with development, server and UI improvements on both desktop and mobile. They just launched an HTML5 version of their web player on Chrome, which looks a bit nicer than the Flash version (still has some kinks, though).

    Check out their blog for more info.
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    This Grooveshark blog post should help alleviate your concerns:


    For as long as your account remains active, you will be locked in at $3/month or $30/year, and it includes mobile.
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    I cant find anywhere on the grooveshark site where it says what was changed in this newest update. Must only be minor bug fixes or something.
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