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    my iphone, blackberry and android friends are all on this pingchat thing. We got angry birds, I think we deserve this pingchat on webos, if just for spite. From what I hear it's supposedly like bbm across those 3 platforms. I think we should make webos the fourth. Who's with me? Cue crickets.
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    Sounds interesting! Im in!
    I love my Pre :P

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    Sure if it'll help the cause have you tried wIRC?
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    *releases geckos into thread* <_< For the cricket problem..
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    I for sure think this needs to happen. I've already sent emails to pingchat to see if its even on there radar.
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    I'm in! Especially since all the messenger apps for webOS are GARBAGE! I just hit up their Twitter account @pingchat, but haven't heard back from them yet.
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    My brother has an iPhone and my other brother has the EVO and they both have Ping, and I've seen it and really like it. I'm in as soon as I figure out the most convenient and useful method of getting our message across.
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    i will ask aswll

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