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    This app turns off your screen without the power button. As you know that power button is bit awkward with the slider open but it is easy with this app. Also if your power button should break, one can still use the phone: slide to wake and screen off to sleep.

    Edit: According to the developer, this app is not intended to be used to turn the screen off while on touchstone. Use his other app Quick System Tasks for that
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    Agree, just got that app day before yesterday. Available in Preware under "System Utilities"
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    Ah this is great, especially when I have my GRT case on my pre, makes getting to it a tad awkward.
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    At first I didn't think I woud use it and it is now prominent on my main launcher page
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    would you be able to use 'key boss' (the beta preware app) to assign the power button to a different key?

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