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    Any chances of an app similar to Winterboard for iPhone to come to WebOS. I would like to be able to tweak small aspects of the OS but without having to install themes. For instance, I hate the green dialer, launcher background, and the dock on the home screen. Now trying to find a separate theme for each is a hassle and could be loads simpler with an app like Winterboard.

    Should I just post this in the WebOS Internals section since they are the "gods" of homebrew?
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    the dialer is the ugliest aspect to me & so many themes don't change the green completely.

    I would love a app like this
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    Thanks for moving my thread where it will get almost no views.
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    There have been hints of theme-features coming to WebOS, maybe we won't need an app at all
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    If you are talking about 2.0 I'd rather not have to wait until the holiday season to hear anything and then another few months for Verizon to actually release it.

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