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    I found a new app icon on my launcher called "First Use" that I don't remember downloading. It has an icon similar to the wrapped giftbox icon used for Updates. It says it is v. 1.4.5, made by Palm Inc., and is 13084K in size. When I tap the icon, an image of a blue sky comes up and nothing else happens...

    What is this? TIA
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    It might be a result of a patch you installed?

    But the first use app is the app which opens when you first start up your phone before it's activated (where you put in your profile information) it's usually hidden.
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    How odd... Perhaps you are right--I noticed it after updating sconix's Advanced Configuration for App Launcher patch, but it's not done that in previous iterations. What can I do with it?
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    It's the app that's launched when you start your webOS device for the first time with a new profile - where it explains all the gestures.
    You can launch it again in case you forgot!
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    After a palm profile is created (meta doctor way), should this icon go away or stay there?
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    you can re-hide it since you have sconix's patch. Just hold the orange/grey button, then tap on the icon. Then select hide.

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