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    Precentral members,

    Swype has changed their forum location and so a new post was needed for WebOS.

    I beg everyone to comment on my thread at the new Swype Forums so we can get Swype on WebOS.

    Come on P|C users! Let's do it!
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    link plz? Thx!
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    I can't help feeling that the ball is in Palm's court with this decision - but I will definitely leave a comment on the Swype forums
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    Don't we need an official vkb from Palm first?

    None-the-less I'll make a post since I'm hoping for a 4"+ slate and Swype would be ******ic.
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    Thanks guys! The more people we got obviously the better chance at a movement towards a swype and Palm using a vkb.
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    What do you know, a vkb in the works for WebOS 2.0..
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    im not a big swype fan, although many are.. iguess what remains to be seen is if palm opens up the VK to developers or will it be Hardcoded , so only patches would/could replace it
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    I think I want it!
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    This looks cool but I think I'd rather have Graffiti I or II on my Pre.
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    At this point, i'll take any VKB that works natively. I'm desperate and exasperated.
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    graffiti WOULD be awesome. but id rather swype be native. with an on and off switch of course. if palm did like the rest of the OS makers and include different vkbs with the OS to be interchangeable by the user, i could definetly see graffiti listed as an option.
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    shhhhh... Palm might hear us talking about a possible feature anf freak out again.
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    P|C community! Anymore votes?

    Suggestion Swype on WebOS
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    Still not interested... meh

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    Quote Originally Posted by sketch42 View Post
    Still not interested... meh

    --Sent using Tap@Talk for webOS
    Then why even bother posting a comment...
    (Obviously you've not used Swype still)
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    just stating my opinion... it also helps bump the thread..
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    Quote Originally Posted by tooearly View Post
    Then why even bother posting a comment...
    (Obviously you've not used Swype still)
    i have used swype i have used and demoed it to all my customers as well as have practiced with it on my demo galaxy s so dont make any assumptions
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    Well my mistake then, if you've actually used it then you must have your own reason for not liking it. And I appreciate the bump, always nice to have something bumped by someone other than yourself.
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    Sorry, but I don't get it. We already have a hardware keyboard that is fine. I've seen people use (and by "use" I mean fumble about with in a vain attempt to impress onlookers) Swype, and it looks like a more complicated onscreen keyboard. I mean they actually took the difficult to use onscreen keyboard and made it more difficult.
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