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    I use dropbox on a daily basis and need help getting it voted to the top of the list for a WebOS application.

    If you want to know what it is... it has completely replaced the need for USB Drives. My files are available at work, at home, on my notebook, on my phone... well sort of. I can login to but you can't actually view any documents. There is some kind of download error when trying to open a .jpg or .pdf?

    Of course they have apps for the iphone, the ipad, and android. Erg. Why doesn't everyone see how great WebOS is?

    Anyway... they work on feature requests based on vote. Even if you don't use dropbox... will you please go to this link and use all 12 of your votes for me?
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    Errr.... Dropboxify?
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    I haven't tried Dropboxify... I read a few posts from other people saying that when they downloaded documents through dropboxify, they had to install some other application to be able to access the USB section to be able to open it. Maybe that was incorrect?

    So for anyone using dropboxify... can you easily view photos, open PDF's, and listen to music stored on your account? Do you have to download them to the device then open them... or can you just view them as if viewing an online PDF or jpg?

    I've seen the official dropbox application running on an iphone and it was seamless... everything was accessible and opened instantly... no downloading or anything. Music could be streamed vs. downloaded then opened taking up space on the phone.
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