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    the training pulse app got me thinking. Is there such a thing as a bluetooth heart monitor strap that you could use w/ an app to monitor your heartrate and give tonal warnings?
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    I haven't seen one yet, but it might not be long. I've been fooling around with the developer's kit for the TI EZ430-Chronos watch and it works out of the box with the chestband heart rate monitors from BM Innovations. The frequency range is too low for Bluetooth, but consensus seems to be that TI will do a Bluetooth System-on-Chip that will work the same but at 2.4 GHz, if they haven't already.
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    Until 4 weeks ago I was using a Droid. Android market has several apps made to work with a bluetooth HRM strap. I did some research, as I love the idea of my phone replacing one more device, and there is at least one available at this time. Sorry, I don't remember the manufacturer. So if someone were so inclined I assume they could make it work with a Palm phone.

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