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    Anyone know how much money you can make with a successful palm app? I have heard lots of stories regarding indie developers on iPhone making millions but no such stories for palm (yet). Curious what other developers are finding. ~Biz
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    Potentially you can make millions or just a few bucks. It's really up to you, how good your app is and perhaps a bit of luck. webOS is just getting started, score big now and a few years from now you will need to pick between your house in the South of France and your house in the Canadian Rockies for summer holiday.

    I have a developer buddy how has done okay so far...not big $$$ (yet) but you can see how it will improve greatly once a few more million users are added to the pool.
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    Thanks for the reply. I guess it's a decision to jump in now with the expectation that rewards would come later on -or wait for more customers but risk a flooded market like the App Store.
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    My app White Noise took about a week to port to Palm. Sales have been very low compared to all the other platforms (iphone, ipad, android, blackberry, & winphone). It actually ranks below windows mobile which is really bad. It also is a webOS 1.4.5 PDK app which hasn't been fully rolled out yet... so it's wait and see.
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    right now, you have to have a pretty killer app in order to make the big buck with webOS because there is a tiny install base. White Noise is getting pretty good reviews, but it's a niche app and it's 3 bucks, so i'm not surprised that sales are low. PDK games however, are doing pretty well (and will get most of the hot apps winnings) because broad appeal will fair better in a small market. I'd still suggest getting in early and establishing a name for yourself. A really good free app is a good way to get a lot of attention (and win hot apps money). Create a lite and a paid version of your app to increase your exposure and double your chances of winning hot apps.

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