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    Has anyone downloaded the White Noise PDK app?

    I had it for my iPhone and it really helped me sleep but now I'm on AT&T Pre Plus and don't have webOS 1.4.5 yet

    It also looks like they have the free lite version too:

    Man I really wish I had 1.4.5. Is it just Sprint that has it??? Please let me know how the app performs--Does it loop perfectly etc? Going to call AT&T and see if 1.4.5 is coming anytime soon. Let me know if you have any details...

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    i have Rockus Sound Machine, works great, if I used it.
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    I DL'd this for my GF because I hate the stupid fan she turns on every night to go to sleep. We never use it though. There's no timer to turn it off and the sounds are mediocre at best. I'd use it if it worked just a little better.
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    I got it, and actually think the sounds are great. HOWEVER, the timer only turns off the sound... the screen is CONSTANTLY on, and by the time I woke up next morning the thing was screaming hot... Govnah showed CPU at 58 C. I reported this in the catalog. If they would make the timer actually shut off the app, itīd be good.

    Oh, but I forgot that also it will not run in the background. If the app is reduced to a card, it pauses. Not worth the cents yet.

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