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    I just bought Clouddocs in hopes of working on a spreadsheet with my wife (who also has a Pre). When I hit the plus sign to create a new doc, it only create new word docs, but can't seem to create a spreadsheet. So I created a spreadsheet through the web browser. I was now able to view the spreadsheet in Cloudocs, but couldn't edit it.
    I hope you can offer some advice.
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    Hey Greg, at this point ClouDocs doesn't do spreadsheet editing. I would love to add that functionality, but unfortunately at this point, resources just aren't available to add that capability. Google does allow editing from their mobile website, though it obviously isn't an ideal editing solution; making a couple changes here and there is tolerable, but anything more than that and I've found it tough. In the near future, I'm hoping to at least provide a direct link from ClouDocs to edit your spreadsheets. I apologize if the description in the app catalog wasn't clear in that only editing of word documents is possible, as I tried to not confuse people!
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