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    For Free!!!

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    and its free? Playing now!
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    I've been playing this all day.
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    Just downloaded it but can't play it because I'm at work. Do the silent switch turn off sound??
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    Quote Originally Posted by OneDeep View Post
    Just downloaded it but can't play it because I'm at work. Do the silent switch turn off sound??
    no, but turning the volume all the way down really fast does, haha.
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    Must be PDK because I don't see it on my VZW Pre Plus. I just love not having the latest update.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pomokey View Post
    no, but turning the volume all the way down really fast does, haha.
    There is a great patch in Preware (Really Silent Ringer Switch) that will make the switch turn off all sounds like it should.
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    Has become one of my favorite games for the price...
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    its fun, i cant lie lol wasnt expecting much but its a keeper
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    Awesome game!
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    To the maker of this game i say thank you my wrists and carpel tunnel on the other hand says damn you fun game thanx.
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    my thumbs hurt so bad. Any one knowif you can save your progress?
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    well I guess a saverestore script is on the way.

    Script posted
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    Installed it around 6pm and finished it just about now...

    All in all, a great game! Wish there were more levels though... once you get the Mayo, these alien scum are toast! Errr..

    In any case, I'm hoping there will be additional levels

    I think it ended at around 70 or something? I was too engrossed in the game to notice, and when I hit the Next Round button, it promptly dropped me back in the start screen... and when you hit continue, it just goes Nothing to continue...

    Or did my profile get corrupted?! >.<

    I didn't see any The End screen...

    And my wrist was getting cramped from all the screen poking while the Pre was on the touchstone
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    Nice App. Very inconsistent save/continue options. But very fun!

    Am I the only one to find that the flamng tennis ball raquet and most of the guns to be useless? The lawnmower blade is a must upgrade and I've got my eye on the mayo jar (I keep having to quit and the game doesn't save, grr) as a potential future upgrade once I max out my air rocket and sniper. Any other strategies?
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    Nice break from playing Angry Birds, lol.
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    I went from Potato Gun to Lawnmower Blades/Flaming Tennis Balls combo... got Mayo by level 60 or so. L.Blades for increased damage on UFOs, while FTBalls for clearing up mobs with splash damage.

    Don't forget to upgrade your snipers so you can catch the aliens that slip by you while bombing the right side of the screen with FTBalls. And e.fences, definitely e.fences. The rockets are a must early but even maxed out, you still gotta do some manual cleaning.

    I'll give the Hard level a go maybe tomorrow...

    I didn't experience any save/continue inconsistencies as I kept the card open the whole time.. I do hit the Pause button by mistake and quit to the main menu once in a while >.<

    And speaking of accidental button presses, I HATE that speed button on the lower right...
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    Between this and Angry Birds my fingers are ready to fall off!! :O
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    I like the game, but my only seriously complaint is that some of the fonts aren't readable. The game was probably made for an iOS device, which as you may know has a bigger screen, so when these fonts were condensed, it makes it a little illegible.
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    I have had the same problem every time. The game just closes and my Pre goes black, when I go back into the game I have no saved file. Love the game, hate my problem. It has done it 4 times now, all at a different spot.
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