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    Hello, there is one extremely useful application for any webmaster/system administer, those being monit, basically it is used to get server health/performance/and disaster reporting/recovery.

    Monit can monitor basically anything to do with your servers and report to you if they are up, running ok, or if there is something wrong or even set triggers to notify you/act on something before something does go wrong.
    M/Monit | iPhone is the iphone version of the software that is currently already out there which i'm guessing is based off of M/Monit | Automatic management and monitoring of Monit systems their web monitoring platform... it seems the source is available to download for a fee if you want to make an application based off of it with the api calls it has, I can't imagine any serious system admin or webmaster wouldn't want this and would be willing to pay at least a few bucks (although the iphone/android versions are free i believe)
    but with webos this could be even nicer, with notifications of issues and such.

    Anyway just a thought, since the current 'website monitoring' programs for webos from what i've seen (i might be missing some) are extremely limited/useless for any type of serious admin.
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    I agree completely.
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    Here is the email I received from them when I contacted them about making a webos port, it seems that even a chance at 100grand didn't phase them.

    We have our hands full at the moment and even if we wanted to we do not have the resources to create a webos version. Thanks for the tip though and glad to hear that you like Monit.

    Best regards
    The M/Monit team

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