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    I got some apps in the catalog, check em out if you have the time.

    Aquarium - High quality aquarium on your pre.

    Fireplace - High quality fireplace with great sound on your pre.

    Beach - High quality beach with great soothing sound on your pre.

    American Flag - Show off your patriotism with this waving flag on your pre.

    Rick Roll - Wanna prank your friend? This app starts off with a hot girl teasing but right before she can take any clothes off, the rick roll starts.

    Solar System - Basic information about the Sun, 8 planets, Pluto, Asteroid belt, Kuiper belt, Oort Cloud, and a picture gallery.

    It's a Trap! - Simple app with Admiral Ackbar as the background and a button which makes Admiral Ackbar say "It's a trap!".

    Metal Gear Solid Soundboard - Sounds from the funny and downright EPIC moments in the Metal Gear Solid series.

    Objection! - Objection sounds from Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth, plus a picture gallery from the epic Phoenix Wright series.
    (Coming Soon)

    If you have any feedback, suggestions, requests, or questions, you can ask me here.
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