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    I'm looking for a good (read: "the best" ) GPS tracker for the Pre. Just now i downloaded SimpleGPS and MojoTracker for testing, but maybe you could help me with my evaluation.

    I don't want fancy features or graphics, just a basic tracker that i can start and forget. I should save my track so that i can retrieve it and feed it to Google Maps. Basically a simple CSV with date, time and coordinates is sufficient.

    In summary:

    - no fancy graphics, small memory footprint
    - it should run without too much overhead and best in the background.
    - it should run for at least a day without problems
    - it should save its data automatically and continuously and not only when i hit a "save" button

    Any suggestions?

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    try an app called smartrunner. it is meant more for tracking workouts, but it is an amazing app. truly one of the best in the catalog. there is a free version that you can try. it makes a bing map of your track, but i'm not sure about being able to take it and feed it to google.

    it may be way more than what you need, and therefore take up too much battery or something, but it's a great app, so i figured i'd mention it...
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    I tried vCrumbs yesterday and it seems to do things that other programs do not.

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    Thanks a lot.

    Maptool is a great app! I have it on my Pre and use it occasionally. But it's not the tool i'm looking for (small memory footprint, saving without hitting a save button)

    From what i can judge looking at the description and screenhosts, vCrumbs isn't the right tool, either. I'm not even sure if you can save your tracks.

    In the meantime i deleted SimpleGPS and concentrated on MojoTracker. I think MojoTracker is the tool i need. The only thing it does is saving tracks. You start the track manually and then it is saved automatically - every track in a different, timestamped file (gpx or kml format).

    But i'm open for different suggestions. And i still have to look at smartrunner. Sounds promising.

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    Look into "GPS Trip Panel" simple easy and you can set interval time on how often to update to save battery, no images, ability to push to google maps, and to save up to 5 trips info.

    They have a nice Youtube Video to get an idea of what to expect...

    Fastest GPS connection usually always over any other app...Con's just glitches sometimes so make sure it's tracking time/speed at first start, other then that Simple and precise
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    I've tried a number of GPS tracking apps, and finally ended up with FitTrack.

    It's not perfect, but it's the best of all the ones I've tried at not taking up a lot of memory, tracking relatively accurately, and displaying some useful info at the same time. I have it load along with BFG Maps in my MS Driving mode.
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    Today i tried smartrunner but didn't get past the first screen. With Smartrunner you have to register at the Smartrunner Website. I definitely won't do that.

    Fittrack and GPS Trip Panel don't have free trial versions and i hesitate to buy apps just to test them.

    Thanks a lot for the suggestions, but so far it's still MojoTracker and i think i'll stick to it. But i still have to look at the GPS trip Panel video...

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