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    I wanted to create a list of useful top mobile formatted websites that you can access on your webos device. I started a list below. Please contribute any sties that you may think are useful and I will add to the list below. Thanks!

    Epocrates mobile
    Reuters Healthline
    National Mental Health Information Center
    Dr Rose Peripheral Brain
    Clinical Exam
    Pubmed for Handhelds
    MD Consult
    Lexicomp mobile
    Unbound Medline
    Trip Database Clinical search engine
    Pubget mobile
    Pubmed Medline
    PICO Journal abstracts
    American Medical News
    MIMS online
    Mental Health Information Cente
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    Thanks for sharing those list. Mobile Medical really helps in health industry, glad to know technology extends and grows as so as health care industry.
    Mobile Medical
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    I was on Lexi website and cannot even order a subscription for Webos. ???
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    someone needs an app with the links in it! thanks!

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