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    Who would love to see this app on WebOS? And would you buy it?
    I think it's about time they ported this....
    Any one else?
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    I would be so happy if they ported this
    I love my Pre :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by mfaye21 View Post
    I would be so happy if they ported this
    I sent them an email about it actually. If maybe some more do the same, maybe they show some interest in WebOS. They have released the app for the iphone and ipad so should be couple of weeks work to have it on WebOS.

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    I LOVE this game and it would be the death of me if I had it on my phone. Bring it on, please!
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    I just hit them up on twitter. I saw they responded to someone else whom asked about their games coming to webOS.
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    For those who aren't familiar with Plants vs. Zombies, check out Plants vs Zombies™ Official Site - PopCap Games - Free Download Games.

    And the music video here:

    (and Laura Shigihara singing it in person: )

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    Angry Birds made it to WebOS. I can't see why not Plants vs Zombies....
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    my wife just started to really get into using her Pre, and she plays plants vs. Zombies everyday!!! I think she would love it!
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    have it on my MAC, would love it on my Pixi
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    sent them a message via twitter! Lets hit em fast lets hit em hard!!!
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    YES!!!! Matter of fact, I sent them an email awhile ago asking for it, never got a response.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bullonparade85 View Post
    sent them a message via twitter! Lets hit em fast lets hit em hard!!!
    Job done....
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    Also drop them an email or a tweet. They may decide to action on it...
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    Who's with me?
    I know this post is pretty meaningless, but I was just curious.

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    It's one of my favorite Flash games on the web (Up there on the list, next to Transformice :3).

    I actually read somewhere on twitter that a person was going to attempt to port it to webOS.
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    I'm in! I love that game.
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    I realize this thread is mostly dead but I made a facebook page for getting PvZ onto webos. I'm trying to get enough "likes" that PopCap will notice, any help would be great. Thanks guys! Just get onto facebook and do a search for "Bring Plants vs Zombies to WebOS for Touchpad"
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    What a STUPID game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Everybody KNOWS that plants don't have brains!!!!
    Everybody KNOWS that zombies eat brains!!!!!!

    This game is SOOOO FAKE!!!!!
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    I am so terribly sorry, but PopCap does NOT listen to its customers. For example, consumers have been shouting for a Zen Garden in PvZ on the iPad for years with no avail, we have shouting for an iPad version of Peggle, and we were horrified of the dreadful resolution of the Mac version of PvZ, and they have no intention of fixing yet, so why would they make an app for a 'dead' platform. Sorry for being so negative, I want PopCap to develop games for webOS as anyone out there, but the only issue is that in Australia, we will unlikely be able to download any of their games as we still don't have access to paid apps.
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