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    so the pre contacts program sucks when you have hundreds of contacts. What's the best business contacts program.
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    There really isn't a replacement contacts program of webOS. What do you need that your missing?

    If I may be so bold....given the strengths of Universal Search most users never even open the contacts app unless they need to edit contact info on the go (and even then it would be via a Universal Search).
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    I agree. Universal search and synergy make contact app awesome. You just have to learn the new paradigm.
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    I'd like to search without typing.
    an index to be able to jump to a letter would be nice.
    something like agendus would be great but only can get that by running classic which is ridiculous.
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    type first initial (space) last initial. Hard to imagine anything quicker than that.

    S(space)J will get you steve jobs, for example.

    I was a long time treo and centro user. once I got used to this, I'd never go back....
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    Am I the only one who doesn't have hundreds of contacts in their phone?

    The last thing I want is several hundred people from FB and a few thousand from Twitter all able to reach me, all the time.

    My phone contacts are just for a few people that I am close to and care about hearing from on a regular basis, this is a very, very low number!
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    putting people in our phone doesn't mean they can call you. It means you can look them up so you can call them... I'm confused by your post.

    I have several thousand contacts in my phone. none from facebook.
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    These are work contacts.
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    A personal preference to scroll over a list of contacts is completely acceptable.

    However in my experience, particularly given you have hundreds of contacts, it would actually be faster to slide open the keyboard and type 2 or 3 keystrokes.
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    What I have found useful is to use the "company" field to sort contacts, the person's company can be there, but you can also, put other things there, and search for that in universal search, for example, by the time you have typed f r i e you could have a list of friends up, or w o r to find work contacts, or something similar.

    I truly hope the universal search gets better with categories for contacts in the next version, I also want to see my contacts by which source they are from, see my signature for my app request, and post over there!
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    I would love an agendus type app for webos...
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    I use TealPhone under Classic because TealPhone is what I used under PalmOS and nothing comes close to the rich functionality of TealPhone (and Agendus). I leave Classic running all the time. Unfortunately you cannot use WebOS' Universal Search to search TealPhone entries. thorne
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    The reason that we have only the basic webOS Contacts app is that Palm will not let allow developers to access the API's that they need to offer music players, speech recognition, camera apps, text to speech, and even Contacts apps.

    There are dozens of great contact manager apps for various smartphones. They are not allowed for webOS.

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    An app called "ProntoDial" allows fairly easy categorization of your contacts.

    While it has its limitations, it has been a great time saver for me.
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