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    I keep hearing about angry birds. Does anyone know if words with friends will be coming to webOS?? Played it a few times on the iTouch if my wife. A lot of fun!!
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    I've tweeted and emailed the company (NewToy Inc.) telling them of the ease with which many devs have ported their apps to webOS, no reply as yet.
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    Thanks. I hope one day we will be able to play. All my family have iPhones . . . It would just be cool.
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    I have also emailed. Tweeted. And posted on their facebook page. Still no answer. Seems like there has been no actvity on twitter or fb for a couple of months.
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    well has anyone tried to call em
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    I'd love to have it on my Pre so I can work my GF anytime I want.
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    there has been a campaign here in the forums somewhere about tweeting and emailing them at the same time... dont know what happened.
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    There's an 'official' thread about getting Words with Friends ported... you can find it here:

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