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    I use Dr. Podder a lot. Months ago I deleted the homebrew version and bought it through the app catalog to support its development. But it seems the version in homebrew has been updated a few times since the app catalog version was last updated. Am I wrong? The version on my pre is 0.6.7. Homebrew is 0.6.9 as of yesterday's update.
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    Yes hombrew version is more advanced he is testing new features. Once they are determined to be stable he releases to app catalog.
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    mamouton nailed it, the HB app will always be ahead in features (I hope) as this app grows. I say keep the HB and app cat version installed. You can always export and import the .xml file to go between the two if you need to latest and stay with the app cat version if you need stability.

    Personally now I use the app cat version for video podcasts as the dashboard is less useful and the HB version for my audio.

    Thanks for supporting the developer of this app, I love it and did the same. That is why the WebOS community is the best!
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