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    I know I've tried emailing a few developers myself, but I mostly get general answers about their plans for other platforms, but not which or when.

    How can we convince developers that not only is porting apps made easy with the PDK, but that webOS is a worthwhile OS to develop for?
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    If/when they see dollar signs then they will port. HP is working on that.
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    Buy more WebOS devices.
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    find an app you want. Post a video here. If it's nice we spam their inbox.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ryleyinstl View Post
    If/when they see dollar signs then they will port. HP is working on that.
    Well give credit to Palm as they have already started waiving dollar signs with

    1)1/2 App Sale where both the buyer and developer benefited

    2)$1 Million contest in Hot Apps Program
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    The new HW coming out with WebOS 2.0 should help ease their unrest about WebOS as a marketable platform.
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    I think the PDK hot apps contest will help sway iOS developers on the fence. If you have an iOS game it should be relatively simple to port it over and you may get a cool cash bonus.

    Now if you're talking about non-games, then I don't think it will be such an easy decision since the two development platforms (iOS vs. Palm web-based SDK) are quite different.

    I think if you find a really great iOS app that you want ported over, I would create a thread on PreCentral and if you get a big response, email the developer with the link and show them how much demand there is for their app on webOS.
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    Just send prostitutes to the homes of iOS software developers as an incentive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Targon View Post
    Just send prostitutes to the homes of iOS software developers as an incentive.
    I guess the ones I sent to Rovio Mobile worked
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    HP should identify the top 50 killer apps that would satisfy users (netflix, shazaam, etc) and pay for them to be developed. Let's say the average was 100,000 to each developer, that's $5m in total cost. They will spend more than in advertising for 60 seconds during the Super Bowl.
    Once those apps are in the catalog, phone sales will follow, and developers will follow from there.
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    The problem is a classic chicken vs egg senario. Developers hesitate to invest in webos because the market is too small and users hesitate to buy webos devices because the number of app is limited. The only answer is the Hpalm has to deliver stellar game-winning hardware to compete with the big boys. They need to have a hit product badly to increase the user base to make the webos marketplace palatable to developers. The OS infrastructure is there and the developer tools are getting better. Of course Hpalm still needs to open up the API's and keep improving the platform...but the most important thing is hardware right now...
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    Like Android did, they need to sell a lot more Webos devices by building something the mases want to buy before anyone would put any vested interest in developing for webos...if they build them they will come. The more Webos devices out there the better the odds of a developer having to make honey if you can't make money.
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