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    I am looking for an alarm app that makes you answer questions/play a game to silence. I saw wake n play in the app catalog, but that got bad reviews.
    Preferably, I would like an app like this.

    The built in alarm is far to easy to silence forever. Simply press on the side buttons when it first sounds and it STAYS OFF. Its useless.
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    You want an alarm so you can answer questions? What happen to just snooze.. I use timepiece & I love it.. It's just a regular alarm app.
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    Because I don't wake up when I snooze the alarm. Don't you think I would've thought of pressing snooze by myself before posting here?
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    Hook you phone up to a powered speaker system and hide it in a drawer across the room so you have to get up to turn it off.
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    Yeah put your phone across the room then you will have to wake up to turn it off
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    I'm pretty fond of TealTime, myself...
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    I use timepiece... and I enjoy it!
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    i use awake2music - it doesnt have a couple of things i still need like playlist capability and hooking up to radiotime. otherwise it is pretty decent. waketube is something to consider too.

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