"Cheezburger Net" Users,

I regret to inform you that "Cheezburger Net" has come to an end. Due to changes in the EULA of the upcoming Official Cheezburger Network API, this application will be in violation because (1) CN contains the word "Cheezburger" in the name [which can be easily fixed], (2) because it is "advertised" (i.e. Linked-to) on websites which benefit from ad-based revenue - such as PreCentral.net - who use Palm's RSS app feed for the official app catalog [again, can be fixed], and (3) [can't be "fixed"] the team at icanhascheezburger.com has simply requested that, although CN is not in direct violation of the EULA - past or present - that CN be discontinued because "It's just against the purpose of the [new] api in general" (as will be any other commercial application that can use their API or RSS feeds).

Therefore, out of respect for the amazing team at icanhascheezburger.com - a team which I have had the privilege to work with - I have decided to abide by their request to discontinue the development of this application until changes are made that allow me to resume development : "Sorry about this...we are in the early days of this new policy/api we are releasing. Things could change down the road." (--ICHC)

I wish the team at ICHC the best as they work towards their new vision!