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    I've created a beta version of BeebListen that has added ability to access the live broadcasts.
    I've also, I believe, enabled it for international use. Although, of course, I've no real way of testing that. Hence, the beta version.

    I would be very grateful if someone could give it a try, I'm particularly interested in the following:
    • Whether the on demand streams work when used outside the uk
    • Whether the live broadcast streams work outside the uk (these were not marked as either uk or intl by the BBC)
    • The stability of the live stream in the UK or Internationally. Anecdotally, I find the live stream not to be as stable as the on demand streams

    I submitted BeebListen Beta to the beta repository this morning, so if it is not there yet, it should be very shortly.

    The beta will expire on the 7th September

    Many thanks
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    Shame it's the 7th - I'm heading for Belgium on the 8th & 9th!
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