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    I bought and use classic, everyday. What makes it worth the price for me was:

    SplashId & SplashMoney. -- yes, I know there's a webOS SplashID. But, I use the SplashID and SplashMoney desktop versions as well and I like being able to sync locally with these pieces of information. Until there's an app in webOS that can present the amount of data these palmOS apps do, in a readable format without an endless scrolling; I'm staying with these.

    Another app I've always used on palm is resco explorer. If you have the latest version, it includes a license for a classic certified "lite" version that can access Windows file shares, ftp sites, etc. It can also do folder sync. I use this coupled with Internalz to move files between my Pre and other computers.

    So what apps do you use that require classic?
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    PalmEKG isn't available for webOS.

    Couple of other medical calculators I use aren't available for webOS yet. (Although PalmDoc is making good progress on including more of them in MediPDA.)

    Also I use the Contacts in Classic for some which I don't wish to mix with my main contacts in webOS. (Although I'm slowly starting to integrate those into my webOS contacts since I now have ProntoDial, which allows some degree of categorization.)
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    After starting out with about half a dozen "couldn't live without" classic apps, now I'm down to just Pocket Quicken and eWallet.

    My devotion to Palm is starting to wane with some of the cool android hardware out there now...
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    DateBk6, without a doubt.

    I'm also still using eWallet. I don't love it, but moving everything to a different app would be a hassle.
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    Still use CryptInfo.
    Hotsync, helps keep two PC's Outlook in sync
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    UTS Blood Pressure tracking software, UltraNav Aviation software for Falcon 900 aircraft, Copilot aviation software for flight planning, and the great little calculator from PalmOS that has a '%' sign on the keys as well as a great loan calculator function. WorldMate and Metro also get used often at times.
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    Docs To Go
    Shadow Plan
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    Adarian Money, Agendus and MSDict.
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    Does Docs to Go really work? What ver.?
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    EZRemote (remote desktop client).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grambell View Post
    Does Docs to Go really work? What ver.?
    I wouldn't have mentioned it if it didn't work! Here's your sign! (Apologies to Bill Engvall)

    I'm running the same version I had on my Treo 755P, Version 8.003. I tried version 10 on my Treo (way way before webOS), and actually got Dataviz to refund the lousy $30 I spent to upgrade, 'cause it wouldn't handle some of the same spreadsheets that it handled just fine in version 8.
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    Quote Originally Posted by frantid View Post
    So what apps do you use that require classic?
    Quote Originally Posted by RJKinsman View Post
    Docs To Go
    Shadow Plan
    Here is some commentary...

    Docs To Go: Sadly, I expected this to be temporary back in June, 2009. Here we are over a year later, and no sign of a webOS version. Maybe QuickOffice? We'll see.

    The only function I really use in Docs To Go is Sheet To Go.
    Actually, I did migrate my most frequent use for Sheet To Go to My DataBank. I have type 2 diabetes (very well managed, thank-you very much), and I had a spreadsheet in Docs To Go to log the glucose readings up to six times per day. But I still have a couple dozen spreadsheets in Docs To Go.

    Shadow Plan. I only use this for one thing--shopping lists. I've looked at other shopping list type applications, both on PalmOS and webOS, and they don't look like they would fit the way I use Shadow. I could go on for a couple of boring paragraphs about this. Post a reply if you're interested.

    Brainforest. This is a terrific outlining application. It looks like Outline Tracker might come close, but it's just not worth it to me for $20. I already paid for Classic.

    Clock+. I use it for reminders. There's probably something out there on webOS that would do it, but I haven't gotten around to tryin to find it.

    TurboPass. Stores passwords and accounts, and syncs with the desktop. When I create a new ID/Password in Firefox on the desktop, it's automatically saved in TurboPass. Once I sync, it goes into TurboPass in PalmOS. I haven't yet found anything on webOS that syncs with the desktop and with the browser.
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    WineManager, this one, I can't do without

    Sums, simple but efficient tally tool.
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    HotSync (to backup Classic apps and sync to Palm Desktop)
    SplashID (can't use WebOS version without tool to migrate)
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    webos 2 definitely
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    agendus, adarian money, stock manager, native PIM, pocket lingo, and other database
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    Nothing, as of yesterday. With the news that Classic will abruptly stop working, I've bitten the bullet and opted for cloud storage. So, Calendar now syncs with Google calendar, and I'm using Done! which syncs to So far it works great.
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    Ultrasoft Money! Need SplashMoney for webOS that works with desktop sync with PC/Mac

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