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    Title says it.

    I see my computer on the VLC remote app on the iPhone, no cone beside it, when i click it, it says "no sign of VLC on this computer...." etc, but I click help on the iphone, but it says nothing about how to make vlc connect to the external server.

    Also when i try pairing in the vlc remote helper, it says "Pairing request sent tothe server", but the "Device has cntacted server" is x-ed out in red, and nothing happens....

    I'm not a very skilled computer operator. Sitting here wondering if i bought an app I can never use.....

    Someone with skills willing to help?
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    first quick point - the web pairing helper is for Pre/Android, so you can ignore that on the iPhone which uses bonjour to find the helper.

    It's tough to tell exactly what is stopping the connection without more detail.
    I'd suggest trying these first:
    1) Turn off firewall at your router and your computer to test (if you are concerned about security, then you can disconnect your router from the internet).
    -If this fixes the problem, then you can turn the firewalls back on and fiddle with the settings to make sure that VLC Remote can talk to VLC.
    2) Make sure both computers are connected to the same local network.
    Failing that, detailed troubleshooting is here:
    VLCRemote troubleshooting - Hobbyist Software

    If this doesn't help, then please let me know
    A - which steps in the troubleshooting work
    B - which don't
    and I should be able to help more.
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