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    CardTXT - to copy text to USB so I could pickup in WebOS
    What is this CardTXT you speak of??? Sounds very intruiging. Can you access this text in webOS without a computer? Maybe using Internalz?
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    It's a free utility I found (I think on when I was looking for a way to transfer memos from Palm OS (via Classic) to the Pre. The feature that sold me was the ability to import a memo into a .txt file. I could then save that file to the virtual card.

    It was also useful for creating text files in the USB via virtual card.

    Now that Internalz has text editting I don't need it much, but it did the trick. On occasion, I might still use it to capture text copied from BibleReader. But, most often, if I need to capture scripture, I'll go to one of the mobile websites.
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    Thank-you SO much! I can't wait to try this out. I have a little spreadsheet in Sheet to-go that calculates times for a schedule that changes from time to time. Then through copy/paste I import it into Brainforest to make it into a checklist. But it would be so much nicer if I could import it into jChecklist on webOS.

    I think CardTXT might be just the thing.
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    I hope it helps. I migrated all my memos this way. It was very effective.
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    Just tried it--works great! Finally, a data bridge between Classic and webOS!
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    shopharim, thanks for sharing this with the community!

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    I have trouble using that this method to transfer my memo in "Chinese" characters. I open the text file generated in Internalz, but cannot see any Chinese characters. How to solve it? Thanks
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    Is the "Chinese" font that was used to create the text file within Palm OS also installed in the native WebOS?
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    I like to use cardtxt and chos in classic to type Chinese text and import to webOS application, says messaging, calendar, etc. But fails, all Chinese characters gone.

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