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    Hmmm, mine isn't bringing up the whole card, it does however wake up the screen with a notification that says mobile recovery. That can be minimized to just an icon. Either way, so far I like it lots. Oh and I'm on Sprint.
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    the constant notifications that pop up whenever it updates it's location in the background is annoying.

    anyone manage to disable the notification yet?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pixielee View Post
    interesting that their website says "You must be a Verizon Wireless Total Equipment Coverage (TEC) subscriber to download Mobile Recovery " sooooo is it not supposed to work for sprint?
    It doesn't work for Sprint, I had it for about a week, and it did work. then it gave me a message saying I was not a registered Verizon user and my account has been deleted.

    I don't know why this wouldn't work(allow) for sprint, they both use asurion...

    Sprint Pre- Meta-Doctor 2.1.0 w/Flash

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    It is quite easy to get around the security of this app, i document one method here with screenshot to prove it:
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    I tried it for about a day before removing it.
    1) Location is 15 blocks off. Claim this is due to being inside. So it only works if I lose my phone outside? That means less than half the time.
    2) Stays in tray. Great! so now anyone picking up phone will see it and set about to disable it.
    3) Icon in launcher - again someone stealing phone can quickly see it there and remove it.
    4) Constantly asking for location approval - so this is because of my settings, but they should have a way that I can say their program doesn't have to ask. Ideally, it would not ask/get location until asked. Why does it need to know where I am all the time?

    Then there is the security issue that Centrico brings up.
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    App was updated today. It removed notification icon.
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