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    I just posted a request in the Feature Request and Product Improvement Suggestions Forum: Synology Inc. • View topic - Application for the webOS platform (Palm Pre/Pixi) over at

    For the uninitiated, synology makes one of the best NAS available on the market and they have this great audio streaming app for iPhone and Android. It is called DS audio. My girlfriend has an iPhone and she streams our entire music collection over a vpn.

    I absolutely love their product and having a DS audio, DS photo app for the palm would be awesome.

    So if you own a synology or want to help the webOS platform, go over there and give my request a bump!

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    would have thought that the intersection webOS ∩ synology is slighty larger ;-)

    Have a nice weekend.

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    +1 for me.
    I also have a DS211j and it is awesome.
    i'd love to stream my pics and music to my Pre+

    Anyone ?

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    I have a 411+ and love it. Having these apps for my Pre would definitely make using this NAS remotely even better..
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    BUMP.... I'm bumping this since the TouchPad is finally released. An app for WebOS would be so nice. I could easily replace pandora for music with this app. Plus having a account in conjunction with an app for my NAS and I'd be golden when it comes to cloud storage.. If anyone else has a Synology NAS please go to the forums on their site and request them to make an app for us.

    Here is a link to their forum..
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    Just posted a request on the syno forum. With the Tochpad in my hands, it'd be nice to really take full advantage of the DLNA functions in the Synology. For now, at least logging onto the NAS with the browser works, but it's slow and the interface isn't quite optimized for the webOS 3.0 TP browser....
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    looks cool. If they support webOS I'll buy one of them.
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    as this thread is very specific for a manufacturer of a dlna device, why not looking over to a more open dlna solution:
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    BHomePro works with my DS409 over my WiFi. I have not been able to get it to work over the Internet, most likely an issue with my Linksys BEFSX41 router's port forwarding that I just haven't figured out yet. I can see my server\directories\files but they won't play. As far as I can discern you need TCP Ports 50001 & 50002 forwarded on your router. If anyone has additional information on the needed ports for the Synology NAS DLNA/UPnP it would be appreciated.
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    UDP 1900 is for UPnP.
    Touchscreens are a fad.

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